Army Surplus

Army Surplus:

The Defense Logistics Agency is America’s combat logistics support agency. The DLA provides the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, other federal agencies, and combined allied forces with the full spectrum of logistics, acquisition and technological services. The Agency sources and provides nearly 100 perfect of the consumable items America’s military forces need to operate. The DLA also manages the re-utilization of military equipment. In fiscal 2012 DLA provided $44 billion in sales and revenue, and a portion of this money came fromarmy surplus selling. The DLA Disposition Services Sales office manages the sale of army surplus Department of Defense (DoD) property deemed appropriate and safe for the general public.

To register for you assign yourself a username and password, and agree to the Online Sales terms and Conditions. After you agree to the conditions you will have to complete the registration process. After registration all users are known as “Traders,” and they are permitted to participate in the army surplus auctions. The Trader menu options allows you to browse, place bids, track items of interest, follow auctions, pay for items, change personal information and access an online Help Menu. GSA Auctions also provides you with up to date information on your bidding status.

The schedules and items for sale can be found through GSA.

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