Navy Surplus

Navy Surplus:

Service craft are non commissioned vessels that provide general support to combatant forces and shore establishments. The Navy’s service craft range in variety from small vessels to cranes and berthing barges, which can be found all over the world. The Navy Inactive Ships Office coordinates the disposal of service craft that have been stricken from the Naval Vessel Register. The objective of this is to eliminate navy surplus service craft from the Navy’s inventory.

When a service craft is removed from service and designated for disposal, the Navy Inactive Ships Offices works to facilitate its sale, or to dispose of the craft as appropriate. If a service craft will receive high value in the private sector, they will list the craft for public sale with the GSA via Navy Surplus.Revenues from the sale of service craft are returned to the Navy where the funds are used to buy new service craft. Since 1999, the Inactive Ships Program Office has directed the sale, transfers, or disposal of over 300 surplus Navy service craft. In 2012, 11 service craft were sold.

To register for you assign yourself a username and password, and agree to the Online Sales terms and Conditions. After you agree to the conditions you will have to complete the registration process. After registration all users are known as “Traders,” and they are permitted to participate in the online navy surplus auctions. The Trader menu options allows you to browse, place bids, track items of interest, follow auctions, pay for items, change personal information and access an online Help Menu. GSA Auctions also provides you with up to date information on your bidding status.

The schedules and items for sale can be found through GSA.

To find schedules for Navy Surplus sales please follow the link below: